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Goodbye Disqus

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I've decided to remove disqus comments from my blog.

I had several issues with disqus:

  • Long page loads [async aside]
  • Threaded comments
  • Time shifting - oldest may not be on top, so a "first!" comment might be in the middle
  • Links to other sites
  • Injected marketing cookies

What really forced the decision was the nature of comments themselves. Are comments a valuable part of the blog? If so, I should own them. If not, I should turn them off.

On taking ownership, disqus has an export feature. It "works", but it's not ideal. I'll talk about how I dealt with that in a future post. Hint: F#.

At the moment, I've migrated comments to yaml and they are stored in the github repo with posts. I'm looking at options for a friendlier comment system, but in the meantime, send me a pull request. ;-)

If you see a mistake in the post *or* you want to make a comment, please submit an edit.

You can also contact me and I'll post the comment.