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IEnumerable Each()

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I’ve wanted to write an each statement for IEnumerable for a while, but haven’t bothered, mostly because other devs had decided to translate everything to List anyway so I just used .ForEach or a straight foreach as appropriate. A comment on my Avoiding FizzBuzz post by Matt Taylor spurred me to do an implementation.

Anyway, an Each() extension method on IEnumerable is trivial:

public static class IEnumerableExtensionMethods
    public static void Each<T>(
        this IEnumerable<T> list
      , Action<T> action)
        foreach (var item in list)

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Landon Poch
Landon Poch • 12 years ago

You probably already know this but just for fun:

When using expressions they should be for evaluation, not for side effects. I found myself using SomeList.ForEach(x => { some action }) for a while. I stopped using it after reading that just as a way to build good functional programming habits. Even though { some action } isn't really an expression because it doesn't return anything, it just seems a little strange.