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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sometimes it's the little things.

A while ago, I installed .net demon and ran the trial. I was instantly impressed.

The trial expired during a period when I wasn't coding at home very often. I kind of forgot about it, except for occasionally noticing the trial expiration reminder at the bottom of visual studio. Too many other more pressing things to do...blah blah blah.

As I was working today, I suddenly noticed how often I was pressing ctrl-s (save), ctrl-shift-b (build), alt-tab (switch windows), and F5 (refresh browser).

I went to the .net demon site to purchase my license.


Thirty dollars. I've been expending all those keystrokes to save thirty dollars?

In addition to auto-save and compile, .net demon integrates with live reload so Chrome auto-refreshes as I code. I just glance at my browser to see changes.

I find I'm using the mouse a lot less as well.

I think I've gotten my money's worth typing up this post. :-]

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khalidabuhakmeh • 10 years ago

I'm gonna try this out and see what happens. I like stuff just compiling and saving, but I just noticed it doesn't support VS2013. :(

Kijana Woodard
Kijana Woodard • 10 years ago

Gah! It does seem like Red Gate isn't all that enthused about this product. Another thought I have is to use NCrunch to auto build and run tests and find some other way to trigger Live Reload.