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Monday, August 1, 2016

At the end of my previous post, I considered merging the comments into post file.

I couldn't help myself. ;-)

With a little C# interactive, I now have half the files. Here's the code I typed into the interactive window:

var files = Directory.EnumerateFiles(@"content/posts/", "*.markdown");

foreach (var file in files)
    var post = File.ReadAllText(file).Trim();
    var comments = File.ReadAllText(file.Replace(".markdown", ".comments.yaml")).Trim();
    var output = $"{post}{Environment.NewLine}{Environment.NewLine}---{Environment.NewLine}# comments begin here{Environment.NewLine}{Environment.NewLine}{comments}";
    File.WriteAllText(file, output);

The instructions for comments are changed to reflect that there's only one file now.

There's a nice wiki on c# interactive. One thing to note, ReSharper maps the History Navigation keys [Alt+UpArrow] to something else. I decided to map it back, but scope the assignment to the interactive window.

If you see a mistake in the post *or* you want to make a comment, please submit an edit.

You can also contact me and I'll post the comment.